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We value our patients' experience at McLeod Family Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Readere to view.

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Dr. Sean McLeod

Doug Age 25 

Janet Age 59  Coming here has been vital forme! (I) enjoy Dr. Darren.

Lisa Age 38   The staff is always very friendly and helpful.

Rod Age 37  I have been to many other chiropractor sin the past. This is the first time I'm seeing improvement. The checkin process is very nice and fast, I'm hard to please but I'm very pleased.

Lindsey Age 29  I have noticed improvement since being here. Dr. Darren is very thorough and takes his time with treatments. He looks at the body as a whole, not just your problem areas.

Tricia Age 36  My back pain is less noticeable and I'm able to start back riding with less pain!

Leslie Age 45 Outstanding care and concern for my well-being.

Pietsie Age 46 I have found my experience only positive. Very helpful going the extra mile to help out and find options that will and did help.  Extra taping, taking not only care of the problems I came in with but looked further why the problem was there and take care of that too.

Brigitte Age 58  It is very good here.  I really wasn't interested in chiro care but now I am hooked.

Danielle Age 22  When I first came to see Dr. Sean I had gone over a year of daily cluster headaches that were horrifically painful and interfered with my studies.  Since then my cluster headaches have virtually disappeared and I haven't had one in months.

Deanna Age 28 Fantastic, friendly, and knowledgeable staff. Dr. Darren has been very informative and has helped me with my back issues.

Terry Age 24 The care here is great!  I always feel welcome and taken care of!

Scott Age 40 I feel looked after at McLeod Family Chiropractic!

Ruth Age 79 My spine is much better, also my neck problems.

Laurel Age 27 I appreciate the education and detailed descriptions of both areas being treated and the general health and wellness model.  Every here is very kind and helpful.  Thank you!

Karen Age 42 Good progress, friendly people, good advice.

Lindsay Age 23 You are awesome!

Dallene Age 64 I have improved so much - my back feels so good even with the problems I have with it.

Rhea Age 31 The clinic is very good and the staff very friendly. Dr. Sillito explained the whole process in a very simple way. I am using less pain killers and would continue to to go to this clinic for chiropractic care

Amberle Age 24 Since starting my chiropractic (care) I have experienced far less headaches and I am sleeping better at night. The range of motion in my neck is probably the best it has ever been.......I truly believe in the benefits of receiving chiropractic care and I think that it is a vital part of caring for and maintaining one's health.....understanding how the body works is the best way to take care of it.....My overall health has improved, due to the time and effort the staff at McLeod Family Chiropractic have chosen to invest in me. I am truly grateful, and would consider myself a patient for life.

Barb Age 51 I started chiropractic care about 5 years ago (2004) with Dr. Darren. I was told by the "normal " medical route that there was nothing I could do to repair my back, only offer me physio (for relief). When I asked if I should try chiropractic care the medical response was no. ......When I presented to Dr. Darren I had two very badly damaged lower vertebrae. My right leg was always asleep and I was told by the medical profession that I would soon not be able to walk.....  Dr. Darren worked with me for twice a week for six weeks at first to get me back on the mend. Now I see him every two weeks for an adjustment. I walk comfortably now, with no numbness. Dr. Darren's care is what I needed....

Laurie  Age 49 I have been getting chiropractic care for fifteen years. I was brought to your office ( McLeod Family Chiropractic) from my husbands' chiropractic care you ( Dr. Darren) gave him. He had a terrible back problem and without your help he would have to have an operation.  My first visit to your office was for a knee problem. I had severe pain and was constantly taking pain killers.  My next pain issue was with my arm and shoulder. ... I really hurt it from lifting too large of weights. I could hardly move it without a great deal of pain. Dr. Darren worked on it for a few months. Dr. Darren has it working really good and I no longer have pain. He repaired my knee and shoulder. Without the chiropractic care and ART( Active Release Technique) that Darren performed I don't feel I would have mobility today in my shoulder.  Thanks Dr. Darren!        P.S. Audrey is amazing in the front office!!

Judith Age 63  I started coming to McLeod Family Chiropractic in March of 2009. I hadn't been to see a chiropractor since 1990, when we moved from Winnipeg to BC. Over the years, my health has been very good, but during the last couple of years my lower back has started to bother me again. When I attended a TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) meeting and had the chance to see Dr. Darren Sillito, I decided it was time. In the months since then, my appointments have gone from three times a week to once, and I no longer have any pain in my back. I do need to schedule my exercises more regularly - I have a tendency to forget to do them - but I have certainly noticed a big difference in my mobility.

I really appreciate how the clinic operates, and how Dr. Darren explains everything. Everything is up front - from the number of treatments, what they are, and the expense. Everything is scheduled and there are no surprises.

 I also enjoy the staff - Audrey and Tami are great. They are always friendly, and they also are willing to explain things. There is never any fuss if an appointment needs to be rescheduled.

Tricia Age 65 I have been seeking chiropractic care for low back pain since a motor vehicle accident in 1964. I was referred to Dr. Darren about a year ago when I was suffering from left hip bursitis. I chose to halt treatment after 6 sessions in favor of cortisone shots.

I recently returned to Dr. Darren who started me on traction treatments 2 X /week. Over the past 6 weeks with this treatment the bursitis in both hips has disappeared , the pain of sciatica has lessened, my posture has improved, and I am walking better.

The low back pain etc. has improved so much that I have decreased my daily arthritis Tylenol from six tablets to two . There seems to be an overall improvement in my general health which I attribute to less pain. Awesome!